Access Numbers and Phone Calling Cards


Access numbers and calling cards for calling overseas

What is an Access Number?

An access number is a phone number unique to you, usually local to your country, which you dial from your home,  business or mobile phone in order to access our VoIP network. Once connected to our network you will be prompted to dial the international number you want to reach. Having an access number account is ideal if you make regular overseas calls and do not have access to a VoIP telephone. A unique access number requires you to have an account with us and have a credit balance. You do not need to have any specialist equipment or subscribe to a VoIP service in order to have an access number account.

What are Calling Cards?

Calling cards are pre paid cards that contain an access number local to your country and unique secret code that you dial from your home, business or mobile phone to access our VoIP network. Once connected to our network you will be prompted to input your security code followed by the international number you want to reach. The cards are pre loaded with call credit, usually in multiples of £5 or $5. You can talk for as long as you like until your credit runs out, then simply top up with another card. These are ideal for occasional calls overseas. The cards can be virtual as well as available from retailers on the high street.

What are the benefits of Access Numbers and Calling Cards?

Both access numbers and calling cards are particularly useful to those customers who do not have access to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) or subscribe to a VoIP service. You can make international calls from almost any telephone, including mobile phones. Its a great way of taking advantage of our low international calling rates. You automatically save money because you are dialling a local number which is more than likely included in your current phone plan or allocated minute allowance from your phone provider. All you pay for is the cost of the international call, which is deducted from your calling credit.

What information does COM-TEL Telecom need?

In order for you to make the maximum savings on your overseas calls, we need details of the country you are calling from so we can give you a local access number. You don't need a separate calling card for different destinations as our call rates are low no matter which country you are calling. The important thing is to get your originating country right so you can take advantage of your current call plan or inclusive minutes on your phone plan.

Contact us to apply for an Access Number account.

Calling Cards are also available from our Fiverr page