High Speed Satellite Internet

COM-TEL Telecom are proud to supply the UK and Europe with high speed satellite internet that is 100% compativle with our VoIP telephony services. If you are in a rural location, struggling with slow internet speeds or are looking for an alternative internet solution, why not consider Satellite Internet? You don’t need a phone line and we can usually have you up and running in a few days.

Our Satellite Broadband internet packages are brought to you courtesy of BigBlu and start from only £9.99 per month. If you choose to buy your equipment, you could take advantage of our 30 day rolling contract.

You may also be eligible for the Government grant on the Better Broadband scheme (BDUK). Please contact us to discuss this as you may be eligible for a subsidy which could save you around £400-£500. It's worth making that enquiry.


Using the latest VoIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) you can say “Goodbye” to your traditional phone system and say “Hello” to the fantastic digital age of Unified Communications. Typically our VoIP telephony service can save you between 50% and 80% from your monthly telecoms bill. Please see our VoIP Telephony section for further information and see how we can help you save £££’s

Fibre Optic Broadband Guarantee

If you’re worried about ordering our broadband with a 12 month contract because you think a fibre optic service might still come to your home or office, don’t worry.

If at any time in the minimum contract period you get the ability to connect to fibre optic broadband at the premises where your satellite based broadband is to be installed, if you return our complete system (along with all parts in working order) at your own cost, we’ll happily release you from your contract at no extra cost.