Social WiFi HotSpots

genius-wifiCOM-TEL Telecom are delighted to be able to bring to you the latest in Social WiFi.

We have partnered with Genius WiFi to provide you with the perfect WiFi solution for your customers that will ultimately benefit your business.

Get your customers to like or follow your business page in order to access your free WiFi and you can drastically improve your company's social media following and gain valuable positive social media exposure. You can create innovative marketing campaigns, analyse your customers and have complete control over your social media management.  Other tools include the ability to customise your splash screens and view customer analytical reports to ensure you have maximum customer engagement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Install our social wifi at your venue and give your customers free internet access

Our social WiFi is the perfect solution for setting up a free to use intelligent WiFi hotspot in any business. Businesses offering free WFi to their visiting customers tend to have a greater advantage over their competitors who don't.

How many times have you needed a WiFi when you are out and about only to find the venue wants you to create a username and password or even worse, you have to pay for internet access? WiFi has become increasingly essential as we use the internet for more and more every day tasks and socialising. Your customers demand Free WiFi wherever they go, so give them what they want and avoid losing them to your competition. If you are not encouraging your customers to engage with you and follow you on social media accounts you could be really missing out.

With a social WiFi solution from COM-TEL Telecom, we can integrate your wireless and social channels and help your followers grow effortlessly on a daily basis. Whether you are a festival, gym, bar, cafe, restaurant, shop or retail outlet, nightclub, hotel or infact almost ANY type of business, if you are not providing social WiFi then you are missing out.


Increase your social media exposure by offering FREE WiFi to your customers