Wholesale Peering

Wholesale Peering, also known as Voice Peering or VoIP Peering, is a process by which one Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) connects its VoIP network with another in order to directly exchange traffic between them.

Having a Peering Agreement with COM-TEL Telecom means your VoIP network would be directly linked to ours so that your customer telephone calls can be routed directly through our network and similarly our customer calls are routed through your VoIP network.

For example, you are an ITSP in Lithuania providing VoIP telephony services to your customers. You are looking at Least Cost Routing (LCR) to the USA or the United Kingdom. At the same time we are looking at Least Cost Routes to Lithuania for our customers.

This has many benefits and advantages. By connecting or “Peering” our VoIP networks together enables our customer calls to be routed directly between ourselves, cutting out the need for any third party company to carry or re-route our traffic.

In addition to this our customers should see an improvement in call quality and efficiency as there are less switch hops to negotiate, PLUS we can all benefit from reduced call costs and a massive reduction in service costs.

COM-TEL Telecom offer some of the lowest calling rates to the USA and UK and are happy to discuss wholesale peering agreements with companies around the world. We are particularly interested in speaking with ITSP’s from Eastern Europe.

If you think your company and ultimately your customers can benefit from a Peering agreement with COM-TEL Telecom, please contact us.

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