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10 reasons to switch your business phone system to COM-TEL Telecom

10 reasons to switch your business phone system to COM-TEL Telecom

Is your business still using a traditional BT land line phone system? In this modern, high tech world of the internet it may be time to switch over to a simpler more affordable and efficient VoIP based system. Our VoIP phone service offers so much more to businesses than a regular BT land line AND it will save your business a considerable amount of money.

It's time for your business to make the switch.

Join COM-TEL Telecom and make huge savings!

Have a Local Number for an International Presence

Making international calls with our VoIP service does not cost a lot and is relatively inexpensive. You can also create a local phone number for wherever your customers happen to be, anywhere in the world.If you do a lot of business in America or Europe, for instance, you can get a local number that your business contact can call to get a hold of you while you are in your office in the UK. Our VoIP service essentially allows you to have a local presence, anywhere.

Multiple Lines and Extensions

You can have a number of lines and extensions and add to them as you wish. You only need one digital line to our VoIP system and you can make as many phone calls as your internet bandwidth will allow. This will immediately make you savings. You have the ability to control your entire business telecommunications from one single place no matter where you are in the world.

Make Phone Calls Without a Phone

Nowadays mobiles, computers and tablet devices are capable of running VoIP Apps which are readily available in the market place. These apps can enable just about any device to make VoIP calls. This flexibility can be extremely useful to those who are continuously on the move or where quick communication and a fast response is essential.Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops can all be enabled quickly to make phone calls through our VoIP service.

Voicemail to Email

Can't log into your voicemail? Have your voice messages forwarded to you via email and listen on the go anywhere in the world.

Let Your Phone Calls Follow You

Our VoIP service lets you select where you want your calls to go. Out of the office or in a meeting? Send your incoming call directly to voicemail without ringing, automatically transfer it to a colleague or have it routed to your mobile or home number.

IP PBX Integration

If you currently have an IP PBX in place then you don’t need to worry, your investment is safe because you can swap your ITSP to us and use one of our SIP trunks. We are confident that we can beat your current pricing and thereby continue to save you money. No additional staff training is required as it is simply a case of changing your Internet Telephony Service Provider.

Interoperability and Reliability

Provided that you are using a trusted, reliable and stable internet connection then you will be sure that all your phone calls will be presented to a business grade level. Because our system is so advanced and versatile, you can have all your unified communications in one central place. Our PBX allows you to communicate in a variety of ways including email, voicemail, fax, instant messaging and video conferencing. Our hosted PBX VoIP service enables you incorporate your current communication system without restrictions. You can utilise your mobile phones, PSTN phones, computers, laptops and tablets over our VoIP network. If you have more than one office or multiple extensions, you can transfer any call to another office or extension quickly and without fuss.

Real Time Communications

Functions such as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows your calls to be routed seamlessly to a destination of your choice, whether it be to an extension, voicemail, external number or a specific department or hunt group. Either way it will ensure that your customer has a professional and efficient experience.

SIP Trunks

A SIP trunk is a virtual phone line that connects your business telephone system to our Private Branch Exchange (PBX) in order for your calls to be routed correctly. We always look to route your call in the most affordable and economical way. This is what is commonly referred to as Least Cost Routing (LCR) and has many advantages, not at least because we can pass on our low calling rates, which means it represents even more savings for you.

Huge Cost Savings

All businesses have expenses but in order to make a profit you need to minimise what you spend but maximise your earnings. The best thing about a service from COM-TEL Telecom is that you get the best of both worlds without the expense and without sacrificing quality and performanceMost businesses will see significant savings on their telecommunication expenses as line rentals and dial rates are a lot cheaper when compared to traditional land lines, plus you no longer need multiple phone lines, just access to the internet.Very little hardware is needed. Set up takes place on our remote server, which makes any advanced costs affordable even for the smallest of businesses.

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